Finding the Right Roof for Your Home

Whether you’re looking to build a new house from scratch, repairing extensive damage, or simply looking to upgrade your home’s exterior, a roof can change the whole look of your house. It can be a more complicated decision than anticipated to pick out a roof; not only are there many styles, there is also a large variety of shingles that you can choose from.

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Picking Your Shingles

The most important part of your new roof will be the material used for the shingles. There is a wide variety of materials shingles can be made from, so shop around before deciding on one kind. Take into account that there are a lot of factors. For example, the durability of the materials, the suitability of the materials to the environment you’re living in, the aesthetic qualities of the shingles, budget, and the structure of the house are all extremely important things to keep in mind when beginning the shopping experience. We suggest deciding on a budget and ideal durability beforehand and shopping within those parameters to find the right fit.

Picking the Shape

Once you have decided on your materials, it is time to decide on a shape. If you are merely renovating or updating your current home, this part is less relevant as it will usually be cheapest and most effective to stick with the original shape. However, for a home builder, this is an important decision. The shape and structure of your roof are not only an aesthetic decision, they also can have an effect on everything from water damage due to rain to heating and cooling bills. Consult with an architect and roofing experts for advice on roof shapes!